A Certain Age

A Certain Age is an age-positive podcast that helps you live your best, evolving midlife. We know the only constant is change. Kids grow. Jobs come and go. What it takes to be fit, healthy, happy, and fulfilled looks waaaay different than it did in our thirties and forties. Amp up your midlife with expert tips, tools, and resources to help with the hard stuff and light you up about what’s next. Pop in your AirPods and spend time with women just like you who are knocking it out of the midlife park and who share real-life blueprints for navigating speedbumps and setbacks. Because who hasn’t hit a midlife pothole (or two)? Ready to reboot your midlife and join the #AgeOutLoud movement? Follow us at @acertainagepod and find show notes, transcripts, and more midlife resources at www.acertainagepod.com.

Katie Fogarty
Meet The Host

Katie Fogarty

Katie Fogarty is the host of A Certain Age and the creator of the Instagram community AGE OUT LOUD ( @letsageoutload ) that spotlights women reimagining midlife.

A former journalist turned career coach, Katie’s day job helping executives create strong Linkedin profiles has taught her that not everyone is up for owning their age. She created A Certain Age to shift the dated narrative that aging makes you irrelevant.

A superfan of second-acts and career evolution, Katie has worked as a TV news writer, for global PR firms, on Capitol Hill, and as an English teacher in Japan. Her coaching company, The Reboot Group, has helped 2k+ executives from Fortune 500 companies grow through better career stories.

A New Yorker by birth, Katie now lives on Long Island with her husband, three kids, and pandemic puppy Lilah.