Pop Fiction Women

In Pop Fiction Women we deep-dive into the complicated women of books, movies and TV shows, along with the women that bring them to life behind the scenes. Think Fleabag and Phoebe Waller Bridge, Normal People and Sally Rooney, and so much more.

In each episode you can expect us to:

  • Break down the protagonist as we ask what makes her complicated?
  • Identify the best scenes, which can mean sweetest, funniest, or most badass. Anything we love.
  • Recount the cringiest scenes. The ones that make you squirm. Sometimes it’s self-sabotage, sometimes it’s growth, but it’s always part of the process of becoming our complicated selves.
  • Play arm-chair therapist in What’s Your Damage, Heather? An homage to the iconic line in Winona Rider’s Heathers, we discuss how these characters got to be the way they are.
  • “What She Said” – the segment where we scour every essay and interview with the women behind the scenes and share some of our favorite first person quotes. Real life is as interesting as fiction here.
  • Look into our crystal ball and ponder where these characters are six months later and five years later. Typically, Kate gets very real and Carinn gets buck wild.
  • Provide a takeaway, aka that part in the podcast where we try to sound deep. We leave you with some parting wisdom, challenge each other with thought-provoking questions inspired by the work, and urge you to “stay complicated.”
Kate Schumacher & Carinn Jade
Meet The Hosts

Kate Schumacher & Carinn Jade

Kate is a litigator who worked at some of the top international law firms. She loves romantic comedies that keep her swooning, and has a soft spot for the ice queens who learn to let their heart lead over their heads.

Carinn Jade is a lawyer who worked on Wall Street. She loves psychological thrillers that keep her guessing, and has a soft spot for messy women trying to break cycles of addiction and self-sabotage.